Sunday, November 30, 2008

ChinICE Democracy

The summer The Think Tank disbanded in its physical existence, Chris Hejl and I threw a party at Optima Shithole on what would be the hottest night of that summer. It would forever be known as Ice Party: Cold School.
Yeah. It was awesome. I consider it to be my AppetICE For Destruction. Life was good after that, everyone itching for the next Ice Party. Well, for reasons that shame me now, that party was co-opted, exploited, and stripped of all its meaning in its much anticipated and rushed sequel, Ice Party 2: Twice as Ice (must note: this party was co-opted by Mee-ow, the Northwestern sketch group, who used the party as a fundraising venture under the moniker "Ice Party: Sluts on Ice" - the original Ice Party was free and I don't know what Sluts on Ice even means). And so it happened, on the coldest night of that year.

In the process of throwing the sequel, however, I came up with a title so amazing it had to be done, and if was going to be done, I would have to do it alone.

So lookout, warm blooded creatures. The next and final chapter to this story will come one day.

Ice Party 3: The Best Things Come In Freeze
Date TBA

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